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Frequently Asked Questions

Ages and Group Sizes

What ages do you work with?

I am a Foundation Phase teacher which allows me to work with the age range of infants to 13 year old’s. That being said, if your child falls out of this age group and you feel a connection to me and my approach, I am happy to help to the best of my abilities, as long as I feel that I can make a genuine contribution.

How many children can attend per session?

Academic Support Sessions, for ages 5-13 years old, are 1-on-1 classes.

Toddler Time Group Classes, for ages 1-4 years old, are available for up to 5 tiny tots per group.

When & Where

When do you offer your sessions?

I am a full-time nursery school teacher, so with this in mind, I am able to do afternoon sessions from 13:00 – 18:00.

Where do your sessions take place?

At my school, Little Oaks, located on the premises of The Christ Church, in Constantia, Cape Town.

Rates & Payment

How much does a one-on-one or group session cost?

Rates include all resources required for the session,* but may vary by group size and type of session.

View my Toddler Time Group Play Classes rates here.

View my Academic Support rates here.

*When it comes to supervised reading for ages 5+, reading books will need to be provided; and for any set school books or required resources, these too will need to be provided.

When Do I need to Pay?

Invoices will be provided for the entirety of a calendar month and will need to be paid in advance (the invoice will reflect the pre-arranged sessions for that month). Payment is to be done via EFT.

Lesson Details

How do you work out your activities?

For Academic Support Sessions, after our meet and greet and once I have a better understanding of your child’s needs and requirements, I structure each session based on what will best suit their learning style. I ensure that I provide a great balance of instilling confidence, while also challenging their little minds.

Toddler Time Group Classes are developed based on play-based, creative, imaginary, fun, and skills development themes. Activities are age-appropriate and meet the needs of the tiny tots in the group setting.

How long are your sessions?

40 minutes would be my absolute minimum to maintain impact and learning and my absolute maximum session would be 1.5 hours for Academic Support Sessions.

For Toddler Time Group Play Classes, these are 1 hour long, anything longer is too taxing for this age group in such a stimulating and social environment.

This would of course all need to take into account their age, ability to stay focused and open, as well as their style of learning. I am not one to create a forced learning environment that can breed anxiety and frustration but would rather fluidly assess how best they thrive as we proceed.

How does it work at your premises?

All sessions take place at my school premises, Little Oaks, in Constantia.

For Academic Support Sessions, a workspace will be set aside for the duration of our time together, which will be our dedicated and private space of work, which they can consistently “own” as their space. This helps to set the tone for their learning and helps to establish a routine. These sessions are one-on-one, and unfortunately, parents, carers and guardians can not attend.

For Toddler Time Group Play Classes, Little Oaks offers an expansive outdoor area set underneath the oak trees, and a magical indoor environment to learn, play, create and experience. One caregiver is required in attendance to provide comfort in a new environment.

More about Teacher Amy

Are you an occupational therapist?

My sessions offer a wide variety of support that can be tailor made to suit needs or areas of support. I am qualified to support and assist children in the foundation phase from an educational point of view  – however I am not a qualified physical therapist, occupational therapist or remedial teacher and am not in a position to diagnose or provide qualified support in areas that are better suited for the above qualified professionals.

Are you a home schooling teacher?

These are afternoon learning support sessions only – I am not registered as a homeschooling teacher with the Department of Education nor do I have access to the school curriculum.

What credentials do you have?

I am a qualified Foundation Phase and Early Childhood Development Teacher (UNISA), with a Business Science degree from the University of Cape Town. I am SACE certified, police cleared and trained in first aid.

What feedback or assessments do we get?

I don’t offer formal assessments or reports, purely because I cannot talk to their holistic development with the limited time I spend with them, and only to our specific goals or journey together, which I will keep you updated on through our personal communication.

Do you offer additional services - lifts, au-pairing or babysitting?

Unfortunately not – my focus is educational support.

House Rules

What about Covid - 19 safety?

I regularly take my temperature throughout my school day, sanitise and sterilize equipment, wear a mask and try as best as possible to limit contact.

All materials are cleaned after a session and precautions are taken, which I ask for in return to keep us all safe and healthy.

Can I join the session?

For Academic Support Sessions, one-on-one time with the child is necessary to ensure our trust and relationship can independently develop and I am better able to authentically observe, assess and support them.

However, one caregiver is required in attendance for Toddler Time Group Classes to provide comfort in a new environment.

Getting Started

I like what I see, how do we get started?

Great! Pop over to my contact page and submit a short contact form to get the ball rolling. I will then be in touch so we can discuss how I can best assist you. Hopefully see you soon!

I'm Eager To Book A Session, what's next?

I will send you a contact information sheet to complete. From there, we work out the details of our sessions (time, days, how many and what we are covering) and get our learning journey started.