About Me


I’m Teacher Amy!

I am a qualified foundation phase and early childhood development teacher.

I currently run my own nursery school, Little Oaks, in Constantia, for 2–3-year old’s and I absolutely treasure every day with my tiny tots. I love the fact that every day is different and every day is filled with wonder, and of course, glitter!

Becoming a teacher was always my ultimate dream and professional end-goal – there was never a doubt I would end up where I am today, and I feel so incredibly lucky to do what I love every single day.

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Life Before Teaching

My journey to get here has allowed me to see teaching from a broader perspective, mixed with my business and life experience I feel I am at an advantage to provide an extremely nurturing, educated, mature and comprehensive approach to all that I do.

Knowing that I was on a journey to gain both business and life experience before embarking on a career in teaching, I completed my Bachelor of Business Science degree from the University of Cape Town in 2009. I received my honours in Marketing which I felt provided me with a comprehensive view of business and the ability to apply fundamental professional and personal skills to my future teaching profession.

I spent a few years between different industries – finding myself settling in a very fulfilling role in a non-profit organisation focusing on scholarships for underprivileged youth. I was one step closer to my dream, realising at this point while working in such close proximity to children, that I had learnt all that I could from the 10 years in the business world and had sharpened the skills I felt necessary to be the most successful teacher I could be.

Becoming A Teacher

I therefore started my post-graduate degree in Early Childhood Development and Foundation Phase. through UNISA in 2017. This, while working full-time and studying, was a whole new world for me – challenging, but so rewarding,

I graduated cum laude in 2019, ready to give all that I could to this profession, at which point I started my own home-based play school in Seapoint which I ran for three years. In 2022, my teaching dreams really all came true when I opened the doors to Little Oaks, my nursery school in Constantia. Having my own permanent, beautiful and magical space to run my school from is a dream come true!

I might not have the most conventional journey to arriving as a teacher, but what I do have which I believe really sets me apart, is an absolute passion for my job – I have worked my heart out to get to this point and give my all to my teaching environment.

I feel so much more than just an educator, this is my dream, and something I am fully invested in.

Living My Dream

The little ones that I teach continuously motivate me to up-skill myself, working to better understand their unique approach to life and how to help them navigate this massive growth process. Being a teacher is all I have ever wanted to be and I hope that this shows in all that I do for the children around me – loving them endlessly, filling them with self-pride, confidence and kindness – having fun and making new milestones and memories together.

Now that you’ve heard my story, I hope that it gives you a bit of insight into who I am!

I hope to meet you soon,

Teacher Amy! x